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Seattle based song writer Ron Day & Chicago based Guitar player Jerry Phlippeau, team up again to form “Ron, DonJuan, and the Wingmen” ; release the first single “On The Beach” from their as of yet untitled album, to radio and free download.


6.21.2011 Ron and Jerry’s latest music and entertainment adventure named: “Ron, DonJuan and the Wingmen” announced its first release to radio and download of the song “On the Beach”, with a timely arrival on the summer solstice. The song is an infectious Caribbean flavored groove with a beautiful and sexy, classic summer love story, set on your hometown beach. The Band’s musical blend is that of true Americana Rock-n-Roll, timeless, and likely will become classic. The music is a blend of wit, humor, pain, passion, and ‘gosh darn’ good, pure fun.  The videos they have released are self produced on a shoestring budget, shot on i-Phones, Flip, and non-traditional camera equipment, in locations you may recognize, and released to ecstatic reception from fans.  The premise is just pure fun “If we are not entertaining, then we just suck” Says Ron. Jerry chimes in and says “We hear it all the time that our videos and  live show energy is infectious and fun, even though song subject matter routinely enters conflicted territory”. “We are entertainers first”, chimes in Ron. So jump in with the “Wingmen” and join the Party before you’re the last to know.  Listen Loud, Play Often, Join the Wingmen!


You may have seen Jerry on TV selling everything from pepper spray (“like Febreeze™ on crack!”) to Flameless Candles to solar-powered rope lights.  And in a conversation with him, you’d think he didn’t need the sun’s rays; he’s energetic enough to fire up a sizable city all by himself.  Jerry is CEO and Founder of the Flipo Group, a La Salle, Illinois-based Company that specializes in the manufacturing, distributing unique consumer products. You may have heard Ron Day in various music circles or heard his songs on the radio or TV. You may have bought a house built by or remodeled by His company All Day Construction, his other “Day” job, a Construction Services and Real Estate development company based in Seattle.  Ron has written and sold/licensed his music to the likes of Quiet Riot, Microsoft, Melrose Place, Aaron Spelling Productions to name a few, was a staff writer for Warner Brothers, wrote with countless others and now has a new song that is under consideration with Trace Adkins. Ron’s new brilliantly crafted Summer Song “On the Beach” really captures the true essence of summer’s carefree days on a beach in your hometown. The song recently recorded in a secret location in Seattle has just been released on their web site: www.rondonjuan.com for free download.


As most know revenues from the music industries traditional channels are in a free fall. Ron and Jerry have a different approach to the way they believe consumers will purchase and listen to music and become lifelong fans. With Jerry’s entrepreneurial approach, by the way who has been featured on  Danny Deutche’s The Big Idea, as well as in such media as CNN, MSNBC, NBC, E!   Teamed with Ron Day’s incredible, catchy, well crafted hooks and genius song writing these two are destined for heavy rotation on your playlist and stardom.  We suggest you get plugged in, or rather clicked in because these two have long since moved beyond the confines of music industry tradition and are creating their own path to success. Come on; Listen Loud, Play Often, Join the Wingmen!


More information is available at www.rondonjuan.com

Contact:  Jerry Phlippeau - Flipo TV

Ph # 815.644.0707 or 800.392.6966 ext 1002

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